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Membership Terms and Conditions

We hope that you find being a Member of Visit Bath to be a valuable experience. These are the terms and conditions which apply to membership of Visit Bath and the code of conduct we expect you to follow. By completing and signing the membership application form, you confirm that you accept these terms:

  1. The acceptance of an application for membership of Visit Bath shall be at the sole discretion of the company
  2. All levels of membership – Associate, Full and Conference – are available to all and any businesses that are involved in providing services or products to visitors to Bath and the surrounding area, however, Visit Bath reserves the right to refuse an application for membership if there are justifiable grounds for exclusion
  3. If you change your mind within 14 days of becoming a member of Visit Bath, we will refund your payment. If you have used any of the membership services within the first 14 days, we reserve the right to deduct the value of this from the refund
  4. Visit Bath reserves the right to suspend your membership and associated benefits in the event of non-payment of membership fees. Your membership may be terminated by Visit Bath if you are considered to be in breach of these terms
  5. The information provided by you about your business may be used by Visit Bath for the purposes of communication and promotion of the destination. It is the Member’s responsibility to ensure that all permissions are obtained and granted on all data and images supplied to Visit Bath. Members are responsible for informing Visit Bath of relevant changes to any business details or permissions
  6. For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998, the data controller is Visit Bath
  7. Members of Visit Bath must comply with all relevant statutory legislation that may be in force regarding the maintenance and operation of their business and premises. All rules, regulations, legislation and directives, whether by the government or other relevant recognised bodies, must be adhered to. Members must have public liability insurance
  8. Members must describe accurately to all visitors and prospective visitors the amenities, facilities and services provided by their business
  9. Members should aim to deal promptly and courteously with all enquiries, reservations and correspondence from visitors and customers
  10. No Member will treat any individual or organisation, whether a customer or not, with less favourable treatment or consideration on the grounds of race, colour, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability or mental status. Members shall use reasonable endeavours to meet any special needs a visitor or customer may have
  11. Members are expected to maintain any relevant buildings, fixtures and fittings in sound and safe condition and fit for the purposes intended. Members are encouraged to achieve and maintain the highest possible standards of presentation of their business premises
  12. Members must have a complaint handling procedure in place. Any complaint received through Visit Bath about the quality of service or product provided by a Member must be investigated and a response made promptly and courteously
  13. For accommodation providers, a cancellation policy statement should be available at the time of any booking either online, in written form or given over the telephone in respect of a telephone booking
  14. Where a Member ceases to be a Member of Visit Bath for any reason, all display signs and printed material making reference to Visit Bath membership and/or bearing the Visit Bath logo must cease to be used immediately
  15. Visit Bath reserves the right to terminate the membership of any Member who is in breach of any part of this Code of Conduct or who is accused of misconduct or any act that is considered to bring Visit Bath into disrepute
  16. Visit Bath may vary the terms and conditions of membership from time to time and shall make information about such variations available to you