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The Simple Joys of Bread-Making: Seven Steps to Feeling Good

If you’ve tried your hand at baking, you’ll know it to be a rather satisfying process, even if the end result isn’t quite what you’d planned or expected… and if you haven’t had a go yet, well, there’s no time like the present.

We’ve teamed up Bath cookery school The Bertinet Kitchen - headed by celebrity chef Richard Bertinet, whose speciality lies in crafting the very best artisan loaves - to share with you the simple pleasures of baking bread.

1. Perfecting your Recipe

Expelling some creative energy, drawing on past experiments, using favourite flavours and inspired combinations – something to really look forward to.

2. Preparing and Weighing Out the Ingredients

Weighing each ingredient exactly to the gram and lining them all up in bowls, ready for mixing - a chance for your inner-perfectionist to shine.

3. We all Knead to Get our Frustrations out from Time to Time…

Wave bye-bye to any excess stress as the dough turns from sticky, to smooth and elastic.

4. Shaping your Creation Ready for Baking

The satisfaction of perfectly forming the dough for its final prove and baking.

5. Sweet Smells Coming from the Oven as your Creation Rises to Perfection

How satisfying – and those delicious smells really heighten your anticipation.

6. Taking it Out of the Oven and Letting it Cool

A nice hollow sound when tapped on the bottom… feeling proud, and the extra wait as it cools makes the hunger even greater.

7. Finally Tucking in and Enjoying your Efforts

And if it doesn’t work out, laughter is the best medicine…

By Alice Bishop

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