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Bath Soft Cheese Tours


Are you interested in learning how to make award-winning cheese? Or are you just a cheese fanatic who wants to see the inner workings of a cheese making facility?

Join Bath Soft Cheese for a tour of their purpose-built dairy. During your tour of Park Farm you will meet the Holstein Friesian dairy herd producing the organic milk for all of Bath Soft Cheese’s products.

You will also learn more about the cheese making process and the history of the farm from the family. The tour will be lead by either a cheese maker or a member of the Padfield family and it will take you through the cheese making, maturation and preparation rooms. It will conclude with a tasting of delicious cheese! And you can book lunch in the café to satisfy all your cheese cravings. The cafe boasts a mezzanine floor from which you can look down onto the cheese making room and watch the cheese makers busy at work!

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