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Trevor Jones Tours


Your very own, personal guide for visitors to Bath and the Cotswold designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Because of his architectural background during a long professional career in the region, Trevor focuses on the outstandingly beautiful, well preserved historic buildings that define the city of Bath and nearby Cotswold market towns and villages.

The local, mellow oolitic limestone has been used for centuries to create diverse buildings from pretty seventeenth-century agricultural workers cottages to magnificent eighteenth-century Palladian mansions and ornate medieval churches built on the wealth of the wool trade. The Industrial Revolution largely bypassed the Cotswolds when modest water power gave way to coal and steam, leaving us with a unique unspoilt built heritage that delights visitors and locals alike.

There are no set itineraries although Trevor has developed his favourites which include at least some less visited places which can be particularly rewarding, away from crowds. He undertakes full-day architectural walking tours of Bath for singles, couples or small groups. He also offers shorter, educational walks for groups of up to 30 students or professional learning CPD trips.

For touring The Cotswolds from Bath, you either need to have a vehicle or simply rent a car locally for the day for full day tours of either nearby south Cotswolds or further to the North Cotswolds. Alternatively, he can arrange for a licenced car and driver for the day.

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