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Think You Know Bath? Think Again...

Introducing Bath's very own blockbuster! Click the video to the left to view our latest short film, which showcases the city in a new and surprising light...

Featuring a cast of famous local faces at recognisable landmarks across the city, the film captures everything that Bath has to offer. Whether you’re looking to soak up the city’s history or explore its more modern, alternative side, Bath truly has something for everyone.

Bath is a vibrant, energetic city, and we had a lot of fun thinking of ways to represent it on film, resulting in an entertaining video that challenges more traditional perceptions of the city. 

Watch the film to see how many stars and well-known places you can spot, and gather some inspiration for your next visit to Bath.

Bath's Homegrown Talent

Bath is home to some famous faces, and we are fortunate to have had the help of well-known locals in making the film; sports stars, chefs, musicians, comedians and many others all come together to tell a vibrant story which brings each aspect of this multi-faceted city to life.

From two Bath rugby players sharing high tea at The Gainsborough Bath Spa, to a gold-medallist skeleton racer enjoying the view from a Bath Balloon, keep your eyes peeled for the many memorable moments in the film which highlight unforgettable experiences in this wonderful city.

You certainly wouldn’t expect to see a Georgian gentleman by the bar in Graze, or a DJ dropping beats at the top of Bath Abbey!

Everyone in the film shares a love for Bath, and their passion is palpable - helping to show what a dynamic and contemporary place it is to live, work and visit.

A City of Cinematic Locations

Bath is no stranger to cinema and has starred on the big screen in a host of Hollywood movies, which is unsurprising considering how naturally photogenic the city is. We were spoilt for choice when it came to cinematic backdrops for this film, and managed to squeeze 16 locations into two minutes.

Mixing Bath’s heritage sights and museums with unexpected activities, Paralympic swimmer Kate Grey made a splash at Thermae Bath Spa, and celebrity chef Martin Blunos fine-dined in the middle of The Rec, home of Bath Rugby. The rugby players themselves can be found at the heart of Georgian Bath, as Jonathan Joseph passes a ball to his club colleague Freddie Burns, who proceeds to kick it over the majestic Royal Crescent Hotel.

The ball is caught by Olympic medallist and BBC broadcaster Sharron Davies, who is found relaxing in the luscious gardens of the Royal Crescent Hotel. The film also showcases the fantastic shopping spots in Bath, as local boy band Saint Loe perform in SouthGate, and Bath City FC players have a kickabout on Milsom Street.

Follow the film around Bath to explore all of the landmarks featured – though we can’t guarantee you’ll see quite this many famous faces!

Explore vibrant Bath on your own adventure...

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