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Discover your Bath

  1. Bath has a starring role in Netflix's Bridgerton. Find out all about the filming locations that brought the series to life, and how to experience your own version of Bridgerton in Bath.
  2. Family-Friendly Bath
    Bath is a city filled with fun activities, guaranteed to keep all ages entertained. And with plenty of family-friendly accommodation and places to eat too, it’s safe to say that this heritage city is most definitely a family affair.
  3. Romantic Bath
    Bath is one of the most romantic cities in the UK, and the perfect destination for a break with your significant other.
  4. Literary Bath
    The city of Bath has a strong literary heritage, with authors past and present gathering inspiration from the city.
  5. Dog-Friendly Bath
    Looking to book a break away with your four-legged friend? There are plenty of great places in Bath in which you can stretch your legs, enjoy a meal together and rest your heads at the end of a busy day.
  6. Students in Bath
    Make the most of your time in Bath!
  7. LGBTQ+
    Bath is a compact city to and welcoming to all visitors. You’ll find a broad range of events, nightlife, bars and restaurants to keep you busy during your visit, in addition to the city’s world-famous attractions and architecture.
  8. Group Friendly Bath
    Find out more about planning a group trip to Bath.

Be inspired by Bath

  1. BRIDGERTON 2 Photo copyright Netflix
    Bath has long attracted directors and producers eager to feature the city’s stunning Georgian architecture and surrounding manor houses and countryside on both the big and small screen.
  2. Wellbeing in Bath
    Bath and its surrounding countryside is a top destination for wellness, not only thanks to the natural thermal waters and spas, but also because of the many things you can do to take time for yourself and improve your wellbeing.
  3. Bath The Circus
    Make the most of your visit with our itinerary inspiration.
  4. Seasons
    Journey through the seasons in Bath.
  5. Weddings in Bath
    If you're searching for the perfect place to get married, look no further. Bath is one of the most romantic cities in the world, and as such, is the ideal destination for weddings.
  6. Central General Shopping

    If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, look no further!

All about Bath

  1. About Bath
    Bath is an elegant city full of traditional heritage, contemporary culture, green spaces, and a few surprises. From its historic origins to the colourful characters that brought the city to life, there’s a lot more to Bath than meets the eye.
  2. History and Heritage
    Bath is steeped in history. As well as being a vibrant and thriving twenty-first-century city, Bath is a living museum. History and heritage line the city’s streets.
  3. Famous People from Bath
    Ever since its legendary beginnings, Bath has been home to a cast of colourful characters; from Anglo-Saxon royalty to an eighteenth-century dandy, these extraordinary historical figures each helped shape the city into what it is today...
  4. Facts about Bath
    Think you know all there is to know about Bath? Here are 15 little-known facts about the city...
  5. Top 10 Things To Do in Bath
    There are hundreds of things to see and do in Bath. Here’s an easy top ten to get you started. And here’s a top tip: enjoy them at their best by visiting midweek.
  6. Top 10 Must-Sees in Bath
    Of all the things to do in Bath, sightseeing is one of the most rewarding. Stunning sights crop up around almost every corner of the city, and most of them won’t cost you a penny. Here are a few to get you started.
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