The world-first visitor attraction Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein opened in Bath in July 2021. It offers a chance to step into the dark world of the author Mary Shelley, uncover the tragic events behind her life, and come face-to-face with one of popular culture’s most enduring iconic creations.

While perhaps one of the biggest unknowns is that Mary Shelley lived and wrote the majority of her gothic masterpiece in Bath, here are six things that may surprise you about the attraction itself.

Mary Shelley

It reveals the ‘monster’ exactly as Mary Shelley imagined him

When you think of Dr. Frankenstein’s creation, perhaps a green lumbering creature with bolts in his neck comes to mind? But this cultural icon is far from what Mary actually imagined in her novel.

In a world-first, Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein has created the first faithful recreation of the creature, which you can come face-to-face with in the attraction. All 8-ft of him!

It's not just a museum

While Bath is famous for its historical culture, Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein prides itself on blurring the lines between museum and immersive experience. Dare to explore the eerie underbelly of the house in the dank, foreboding basement, where dark alcoves, cellars and vaults, paired with intense audio and visual effects and scenes of a disturbing nature, provide a disorientating and unnerving walk-through experience. Beware, contains confined spaces!

The attraction also has an escape room experience, where you can free one of your group from being locked in Victor’s Lair forever…

People in costume in Mary's Room at House of Frankenstein

It's not just an immersive experience

Immersive and multi-sensory is guaranteed, however the attraction aims to provide a genuinely educating and enlightening experience too. A floor dedicated to Mary Shelley’s precocious talent and unusual interests reveals a chilling insight into the author’s exceptional mind.

Retrace the tragic events and radical scientific thinking that fermented in Mary’s imagination before her trip to the Villa Diodati near Geneva, where she conjured the first fragments of her creature in her infamous “waking dream”. Discover intriguing facts about the author, like how Mary and her husband Percy were strict vegetarians!

House of Frankenstein

A bespoke scent captures the atmosphere of every room

Bespoke scents have been tailored to each room in the House, from the Popular Culture space to Dr. Frankenstein’s Laboratory, to heighten your experience, create a sense of time, place and emotional context, and to create long lasting memories of your visit. In the Popular Culture room for example, notes of cinemas and childhood nostalgia are conjured with gourmand notes of popcorn, vanilla, caramel and chocolate with an undertone of plastic and play-doh!

There is a themed gift shop

Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein has teamed up with local suppliers, like Bath’s very own ‘Planty Kate’, to create candles that capture the essence of the attraction’s central characters, Mary Shelley and her beloved husband, Percy Shelley. With Mary dark and brooding, and Percy more fancy and flouncy, can you guess what kind of scents they are? Products are displayed in and among body parts in jars, to keep guests guessing which ones are for sale.

Frankenstein memorabilia at House of Frankenstein

The attraction covers Frankenstein though the ages

Frankenstein fanatics that like their monster toweringly tall, grotesquely green and with electrodes on his neck, will not be disappointed. ‘Frankenstein in Popular Culture’ is unpacked in its own dedicated floor bursting with vintage memorabilia, props, and unique and bizarre collector items.

Get your tickets now on the House of Frankenstein website.


Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein
Mary's room at House of Frankenstein

Step into the dark world of Mary Shelley and her most infamous creation, Frankenstein.



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