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  1. Two walkers with view of Bath skyline in the background

    From the Bath Skyline Walk to the Cotswold Way, lace up your walking boots and head on one of the best walks in Bath.

  2. Mist settles on The Roman Baths at night

    There are hundreds of things to see and do in Bath. Here's an easy top ten to get you started. 

  3. Iford Manor Gardens

    Enjoy the greenery, stretch your legs and catch up alfresco with loved ones at Bath's beautiful gardens and parks. 

  • Dancing at the Jane Austen Festival

    Authors with a Bath Connection

    It is well-known that Bath was once home to literary legend Jane Austen, who featured Bath in two of her novels, but the city has also provided inspiration to a plethora of authors including Charles Dickens, Mary Shelley, Anna Sewell and Henry Fielding. 

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