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Scallop Shell Bath


Head Chef and owner of the Scallop Shell Garry Rosser has worked hard with his talented team around him to ensure the restaurant has become known for serving up the very best in traditional favourites, such as mouthwatering lightly battered, flaky cod and haddock, served with chips cut daily from the best seasonal spuds.

With homemade mushy peas, curry and tartare sauce on the menu, he also offers customers the chance to try battered or grilled Catch of the Day, which regularly includes whiting, gurnard, plaice and sole, and the best of seasonal seafood.

At the Scallop Shell, the Catch of the Day sits in unique bathtubs full of ice for customers to pick their own seafood supper, with fishing related props filling the restaurant, giving it the intended the relaxed, mariner feel.

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