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Tagine Zhor


Tagine Zhor brings a piece of Moroccan culture to Bath. Located on a pretty pedestrian street in the city centre, Tagine Zhor is just a stone's throw from Bath's iconic attractions, including the Roman Baths and Thermae Bath Spa.

Tagine Zhor is owned by the Casablancan, Moroccan-born Mostafa Benjelloun, who takes pride in the restaurant's Moroccan Fez cuisine, which is based on traditional recipes that have been passed down by his loving Fez-born grandmother Zhor.

As you walk into Tagine Zhor, you'll be transported to North Africa, surrounded by sun-baked terracotta walls, handcrafted Moroccan ceiling lights, bone-encrusted Moroccan mirrors, and traditional handmade paintings. Every aspect of the decor is a labor of love. 

Tagine Zhor's outdoor area is superb in warmer weather, making for the perfect place to catch up with friends and family.

Tagine Zhor is open every day for lunch, nibbles and mezze, and dinner. For those on the go, takeaway orders are also accepted.

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