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Hot Air Ballooning

Fancy experiencing an exhilarating bird's eye view of Bath? Hot air balloon rides offer breathtakingly impressive views of the city and the surrounding countryside, drifting over iconic sights such as the Royal Crescent, the Circus and lush landscapes just beyond the city's boundaries. Perfect for getting a bird’s eye view of the whole city, and great for photos!
You can take to the skies with either Bath Balloons or Bailey Balloons, both offering flights across the city and countryside for large groups of up to fifteen, as well as romantic balloon rides for two.



Bailey Balloons

Fly up, up and away over the city of Bath on a ...

TripAdvisor® Rating 18 Reviews
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Bath Balloons


Enjoy unforgettable views from a sky-high perspective on your flight with Bath ...

TripAdvisor® Rating 46 Reviews
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