October is Black History Month, a time to reflect on the accomplishments, experiences and challenges faced by Black people. Here in Bath, there are various talks, tours and exhibitions lined up to mark the month.

Learn more about the contributions that Black people have made nationally, internationally, and to our local community through these events.

Cane Warriors at Bath Central Library (13th October)

Beckford’s Tower in Bath is collaborating with State of Trust on the development of a unique and powerful performance of the novel ‘Cane Warriors’ by Alex Wheatle MBE for 2024. Bath Central Library is hosting this event during the development and research stage. The event will involve talks and a Q&A session investigating Cane Warriors with Alex Wheatle (via Zoom), Deborah Baddoo MBE, State of Trust Artistic Director and Dr Amy Frost, Senior Curator of Bath Preservation Trust. Recommended for people aged 13+.

Tacky’s Rebellion at Bath Central Library (12-26th October)

From October 12-26, Bath Central Library are hosting an exhibition telling the story of Tacky’s Rebellion, an uprising of Akan people fighting for their freedom that took place in Jamaica in 1760. The uprising included enslaved people on a plantation owned by the Beckford family. Beckford Tower (currently closed until further notice for restoration works), now managed by Bath Preservation Trust, was built by William Beckford, whose wealth was gained from his ownership of plantations and enslaved people in Jamaica.  

Beckford's Tower
Image - Beckford's Tower

Freedom in the City Festival at the Assembly Rooms (28th October)

Join this celebration of the 70th anniversary of HIM Haile Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia, receiving the Freedom of the City of Bath, where he lived at Fairfield House from 1936 to 1941. The event will take place at the National Trust Assembly Rooms from 10am - 5pm, and will see the diverse communities of Fairfield House including the Ethiopian and Rastafari Community host a free, day-long pop-up Black History Month day festival with workshops, talks, poetry, food and music.  

Haile Selassie I with his family
Image - Haile Selassie I with his family

Guided Tours at Fairfield House (Sundays in October)

Fairfield House in Newbridge was the residence of Haile Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia and one of the most influential statesmen in history, during the five years he spent in exile (1936–41). During Black History Month knowledgeable volunteers are leading tours around the house, revealing how the house was used in his time as well as his deep connection to with Bath.

Fairfield House Bath
Image - Fairfield House

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