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Bath Botanics Gin Distillery and Herbal Apothecary


At Bath Botanics Gin Distillery and Herbal Apothecary Sue Mullett, a Herbalist (Bsc), produces a range of high quality small-batch, seasonal fruit gins, the Botanical No.1 Gin, cocktail Bitters and herbal elixirs. These draw inspiration from the rich history of aperitifs, digestifs, bitters and spirits and their varying uses as medicinal drinks throughout history.

A beautifully crafted 100 litre Kothe copper still stands proudly in the centre of the Bath Botanics Gin Distillery and bottles of varying colours of gin, herbal elixirs and jars full of fragrant herbs line the apothecary inspired wooden shelves. And you will also find herbal tea blends and make your own kits.

Inspired by the seasonal abundance of the South West, Sue’s products are always made using high quality, organic and local herbs and ingredients where possible. The whole range can be sampled in store to help you decide which flavour of gin you enjoy most!

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