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Cotswold Chauffeur Tours


The Cotswold Chauffeur specialises in friendly, bespoke private sightseeing tours of the Cotswolds for small parties. From beautiful rolling hills and winding rivers, to picturesque villages and market towns, he has the knowledge and understanding to make your trip an experience to behold.

Jon Moorhouse is an experienced tour guide with an extensive knowledge of the local area. Having lived in the Cotswolds all his life, Jon will ensure you experience a bespoke private tour like no other. There is a lot more to this quintessentially English region than the normal tourist haunts, so let him share them with you. His brand new luxurious six passenger car is spacious, comfortable and the perfect touring car.

Each tour is unique and will be tailor made to suit your desires. Jon likes to visit places of interest off the beaten track, be it stopping off at an Olde English Pub, meandering around an English Country garden or just admiring the countryside from the many stunning viewpoints, his aim is to ensure you have an amazing day.

The Cotswold tour is designed to be a fun day but also an education. Jon will tell you all about the Cotswold buildings, how they were built, where the stone comes from and why they look like they do! Jon will talk about our heritage and how these towns and villages evolved throughout the centuries. From the invasion of the Normans to the height of the Tudor dynasty, Kings and Queens of England have all made an impact on our landscape.

Last but not least, Jon will talk about the wool trade, and how England made its fortune from wool and how our magnificent buildings were built because of it.

Alongside our tours, the Cotswold Chauffeur will collect and return you to any designated point of your choice.