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Hall & Woodhouse


'The Talk of the Town' - Sunday Mail

Hall & Woodhouse is a spectacular pub restaurant from 235-year-old Dorset brewers Badger Ales. Located in the heart of Bath at 1 Old King Street, a former auction house, the venue is simply stunning, and was judged by the Sunday Mail to be one of the six must-see venues when visiting Bath; describing it as the 'talk of the town'. A spiralling staircase leads upward from the ground floor bar to the first floor dining room, and onto the roof terrace bar (unique in Bath).

The different areas, arranged over four floors, evoke a country home style, and provide links back to the brewery in Blandford Forum - from the copper bar, potting shed, pantry and common room on the ground floor to the dining room and then roof terrace bar above.

Hall & Woodhouse caters for all eating and drinking occasions, from breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee and cakes to early and late dinners - with an emphasis on British products, attention to detail and a touch of theatre. The cuisine is straightforward and familiar, not elaborate - a British interpretation of the Bistro and Brasserie concept, in a large every-day eating house.

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