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Jonathan Potter Ltd


One of the world’s best-known and respected map dealerships with a clientele of many thousands of collectors, decorators and occasional buyers, as well as many of the world’s major institutions and libraries.

Many of the maps on offer are fascinating combinations of science and art – the science and discipline of cartography presented in an aesthetically pleasing form. Although maps and atlases may sell for many tens, or even hundreds, of thousands of pounds, the business has always been conscious that many major collectors start by purchasing less expensive items. Original antique maps, plans and charts of all areas of Britain and the World can date from the fifteenth century onwards are not just found in museums, but may be bought and collected without costing the earth.

Jonathan Potter Limited has existed as a trading concern since 1974 when Jonathan, having been a teenage collector, decided to turn his enthusiasm and a little knowledge of old maps into a career. Originally based in central London, Jonathan Potter Limited now operates online, and from their offices in Bath and by appointment. 

Customers at all levels are catered for and encouraged at Jonathan Potter Limited. Jonathan has always believed that the maps, with good catalogue descriptions, stand on their own and need no forceful salesperson to persuade their purchase. However, their friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to answer your questions and help you find the perfect map - to expand your collection, brighten your home, commemorate an event or place, or as a corporate or personal gift.