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The ethos of Joya is to bring modern Italian dining to the heart of Bath; to source the best, most authentic and high-quality ingredients and combine these to create fantastic dishes - from homemade spaghetti bolognaise to locally sourced extra mature chargrilled fillet steaks.

Joya is the way that 'Gioia' is pronounced in Italian, the shortened name for Gioia Del Colle in Puglia, the home town of the family behind Joya. Gioia Del Colle translates as 'joy of the hill' or 'jewel of the hill' depending on who you ask. Joya want to be a place that is both a jewel in Bath and a joy for every visitor.

The difference at Joya is shown in the care and pride taken in their food. This can be found in the most detailed and complex of dishes, or quite simply by noting the scrumminess of twice cooked skin-on fries served with all meat and chicken dishes. The quality and attention to detail in Joya's food and kitchen has been reflected by excellent reviews and also by Bath & North East Somerset Council, awarding Joya the highest possible hygiene rating for their kitchen.