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Languages United


Vibrant, inspiring and stunningly beautiful, you couldn't pick a better place to study English than Bath. Whether you are looking for a holiday course, are preparing for university, need English for your business, or just enjoy learning, Languages United will help you improve your English.

Languages United is an independent, friendly, boutique school which is accredited by the British Council for teaching English. It is your 'home away from home', and the skills you develop during your course at Languages United will stay with you throughout your life, giving you new experiences, new opportunities, new friends and a new window through which to view the world.

Languages United provide English courses for individuals and groups throughout the year, including its Summer School for teenagers. As well as General English and Intensive English, it runs specialist courses such as English with Floristry, English with Aromatherapy, English with Fashion, and English with Jane Austen. You can immerse yourself in the language and culture by staying with one of its host families, or they can arrange hostel or B&B accommodation for you.