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Radiance Wellbeing


Tucked away within the honeycomb of Bath’s meandering side streets, not far from the pulsating heart of Bath's historic city centre, you will find Radiance Wellbeing, housed in a lovingly restored 480 year old merchants building which, as its name suggests, radiates an exciting, yet mellow vibe, amid beautiful artworks and murals by local artist Alex Lucas. The team at Radiance Wellbeing have never followed the pack and are proud to be 100% independent and offering each of their visitors an antidote to the ordinary. Each product they work with has been hand selected to ensure it meets their strict standards; no animal tested ingredients, cruelty free and no microbead content whilst also delivering the results you are looking for from your treatment.

The layout, interior design and furnishings of Radiance Wellbeing create a sanctuary for the soul and a cocoon for the senses. Each therapy space is of a different design, between them featuring two twin-therapy spaces, roll-top baths, walk-in rain showers and snug, cosy corners to escape the stresses and strains of our hectic world.

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