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T2 Tea


T2 is the Aussie loose-leaf tea brand, reinventing and reimaging the humble tea leaf. Making its mark on the UK high street, T2 has sold over 16 million cups of tea in the UK to date! Modernising tea-drinking and exposing it to a new generation of tea-lovers, T2 offer a retail experience where you are taken on an immersive journey out of the ordinary, allowing you to discover your favourite flavours along the way.

With over 200 loose-leaf blends in their range, this contemporary brand offers everything from green teas and fruit tisanes, to black and chai brews - there is truly a flavour for everyone! Not forgetting that beautifully crafted tea-ware is, of course, a T2 forte. Stunning teapots, stylish accessories and colourful travel flasks are only a few of the products T2 have to offer within their vast range.