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The Packhorse Inn


The Packhorse has an extraordinary history. The original building has been dated to 1618 (via a dendrochronology examination of floor timbers) serving thereafter as a parish Ale House. The Packhorse Inn was first mentioned as a public house in 1851. Sadly, in May 2012, the pub was sold by Punch Taverns to the highest bidder: a proposed residential and office development.

After years of public campaigning (stalling redevelopment plans) and negotiation, the local community secured the option to buy it back in Summer 2016. What followed was the most incredible public-spirited effort. The purchase and restoration of the dilapidated Packhorse was made possible by a dedicated project team and the visionary generosity of 430 shareholders: raising over £1m to make this the most successful UK community pub buyback ever. 

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