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Frequently Asked Questions

The knowledgeable team at the Visitor Information Centre have answered some of their most frequently asked questions. We hope this provides everything you need, but if you still have more queries, get in touch with us via phone or email.

Where can I get hold of a map?

You can download a free map from our website right here! Alternatively, we sell detailed maps for £1 in our Visitor Information Centre, which come with a free guide to attractions and accommodation. If you spot one of the Bath Welcome Ambassadors around the city, they also carry maps. 

Where's the first place I should head when I arrive in the city?

Make sure you stop off at our Visitor Information Centre, where you'll find plenty of information to plan your visit, and can pick up a few Bath-themed mementoes. You'll no doubt spot the Bath BID Welcome Ambassadors on your travels around the city, who will provide a warm and informed welcome to visitors, acting as human information points and guiding people to their destinations at busy times. The Welcome Ambassadors cover the city centre, and you are welcome to stop them to ask questions. Their distinctive blue jackets, emblazoned with ‘Ask me!’, will help you find them. They have all the information you could possibly need at their fingertips and carry a tablet to look up anything they don’t know, as well as a list of all the events going on in the city.

I only have two hours in Bath. What is there to do?

With so much to see and do in Bath you can easily spend several days here. If you have limited time, popular attractions include The Roman BathsBath AbbeyThe Royal CrescentNo.1 Royal Crescent, The Holburne Museum and The Jane Austen Centre. Or you might like to consider joining a walking tour or a taking trip on the Bath City Sightseeing Bus.

Can I book on a tour to Stonehenge?

Yes, various tour companies operate excursions from Bath to Stonehenge, and you can book these at the Visitor Information Centre.

Where are the Roman Baths and what is the entry price?

The Roman Baths are situated in the centre of Bath next to the Abbey. Please check the listing for prices as they can vary at peak times of the year.  

Can I swim in the Roman Baths?

No, swimming is not permitted at the Roman Baths as the water is not treated. You can, however, swim in the natural thermal waters at Thermae Bath Spa.

Where is Thermae Bath Spa? How much does it cost to get in? What time is it open until?

Thermae Bath Spa is the modern spa complex, located in the city centre on Bath Street. Thermae Bath Spa is the only place in the UK where you can bathe in natural thermal spa waters and is a very popular experience with visitors and locals alike.

The spa is open from 9am–9:30pm, with the last full entry for a two-hour session at 7pm. Please check the listing for current entry prices. A reduced rate is available for Discovery Card holders. Unfortunately, sessions at Thermae cannot be booked in advance. Towel, robe and slippers are provided.

What is a Discovery Card and where can I get one?

Discovery Cards offer discounts across a range of businesses in Bath. Discovery Cards are open to residents of Bath and North East Somerset, who can apply for a card using proof of their address.

Where are the public toilets in Bath?

City centre public toilets are located in SouthGate, Riverside Coach Park, Saw Close, Sydney Gardens, Royal Victoria Park’s children area and Parade Gardens (entrance fee applies).

How far is it to walk to the Royal Crescent?

Walking from the city centre to the Royal Crescent takes around 15-20 minutes and is a pleasant route passing iconic landmarks on the way, such as the Circus.

Where does the open-top bus leave from? How much does it cost?

Bath City Sightseeing Tours run two tour routes. The city tour starts from the back of the Abbey at Orange Grove and the Skyline tour starts from North Parade Island outside Abbey Hotel.

Where’s the best place to park a car in Bath?

There are quite a few car parks within the city centre, both long and short-stay, as well as on-street parking in certain areas. You can download our free parking map here. There are also three Park and Ride car parks, which help avoid getting stuck in any traffic congestion in the city centre.

What is the Bath Gift Card and where can I spend it? 

The Bath Gift Card is the perfect flexible present for any occasion. It is accepted across the city in over 200 shops, restaurants, hotels, bars, museums and much more. This Mastercard-based card works in the same way as a store gift card. Simply purchase a pre-loaded card from Visit Bath website,, the Visitor Information Centre, or My Small World and gift to friends, family or colleagues.

Where can I change money?

KC Exchange in Abbey Courtyard, Eurochange in Southgate Street, the Post Office, Marks and Spencer, Sainsburys and Debenhams will all exchange currency.

Where are the ATMs in the city centre?

You can find cash machines in SouthGate, Bath Street, Quiet Street, Green Street, Milsom Street, Stall Street, Bath Spa railway station and within Marks and Spencer and Waitrose.

Where can I leave luggage?

There is a left luggage facility at the internet cafe on Manvers Street, opposite Bath Spa train station.

Where’s the nearest internet café?

There is an internet café located on Manvers Street opposite Bath Spa train station. There are also several places in Bath that offer free WiFi.

How can I find out what’s on in Bath today?

You can explore our Events section to see what’s on during your visit. While you're here, the Bath Welcome Ambassadors wandering around the city centre in blue tops have a comprehensive list of events happening in the city and are always happy to share this information with you.