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Alexandra Park


Look to the south from Bath city centre and you will see a wooded hillside rising from just beyond the river. On the summit is Alexandra Park, a wonderful, tranquil green space with mature trees and magnificent views over the city.

This 11-acre park, opened in 1902 to commemorate the coronation of Edward VII, is situated at the top of Beechen Cliff providing magnificent panoramic views of the city and the surrounding wooded vales and hills. 

Access to the park on foot can be found either by a long flight of steps known as Jacob's ladder, or by easier route of Shakespeare Avenue. Access by car is via the Wells Road (A367) and then Shakespeare Avenue. Parking is free within the park and there is no charge for admission. Alexandra Park is open throughout the year, although the park is closed to vehicles between dusk and dawn.

Whether it’s to stroll, get a bird’s eye view of Bath, walk the dog, picnic, play boules or take advantage of the children’s playground, this lovely park offers something for everyone.

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