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Bath Abbey Tower Tours


Bath Abbey Tower Tours are a great way to experience a sneak peek behind this iconic landmark and enjoy a breathtaking view over the whole of Bath. Begin your Tower Tour journey by ascending the spiralling staircase until you reach the bell ringing chamber. Once you’ve learnt about the history of the bells, continue climbing the tower to view these for yourself.

The tour continues behind-the-scenes, reaching a hidden room that reveals the Abbey clock. After meandering through more passageways, you’ll find yourself on top of the great vaulted ceiling. Remember gazing upwards when you were in the Abbey? Well now you’re standing right on top of it! Surprisingly, there are small holes in the ceiling so that you can peer down below and see what’s happening on the ground floor below, very useful for bell-ringers to know when to start ringing at wedding ceremonies.

After mastering the 212 steps to the top, you’re congratulated with a spectacular sight of the Bath cityscape and beautiful surrounding countryside. From this unique vantage point, look down into the ancient ruins of the Roman Baths, and peer across to the rooftop pool at Thermae Bath Spa.