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Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House


£10 Feast, Sunday to Thursday: Take your taste buds back in time with half a toasted Sally Lunn Bunn topped with brandy butter accompanied by a Merry Monarch cocktail or their own pale ale, all for £10.

Sally Lunn's is one of the oldest houses in Bath (c.1482) and serves one of the most famous local delicacies - the original Sally Lunn bunn. According to legend, Sally Lunn, a French refugee, arrived in 1680 and established her bakery.

Today Sally Lunn's serve a menu based on the world-famous Sally Lunn bunn during the day, and are open for fine English food in the evening [including prize winning handmade pies].

The downstairs museum, showing the original kitchen Sally used, is open daily until 6pm.

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