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Bath Aqua Theatre of Glass


Bath Aqua Glass is a beautiful aquamarine colour, reminiscent of the city’s spa waters, and created by adding copper oxide to molten glass.  At Bath Aqua Theatre of Glass, in the heart of the city’s Artisan Quarter, you can watch as skilled glassblowers and stained glass artists craft glassware inspired by Bath’s Roman and Georgian heritage.  And there are lots of ways to get more hands on.

Interactive Freeblown Glassblowing Demonstrations:
Watch and listen to a full demonstration of glassblowing by skilled glassblowers and take the opportunity to ask them questions about their craft.  You will have the chance to buy the demonstration piece or blow your own bauble, which can be engraved with a short message of your choice.  Before you leave take a look at historic stained glass exhibits, which have featured on BBC’s Antiques Roadshow, and a unique collection of artefacts from around the world. 

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