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Bath Street


Not surprisingly, Bath Street, in Bath, is where you can find the baths!

With its impressive colonnades and cobbled street, Bath Street is incredibly picturesque. It was built by Georgian architect Thomas Baldwin in 1791, who also built The Cross Bath which you will find at the end of Bath Street.

The Cross Bath is an historic bathing pool, using the waters which bubbles up from the ground at a temperature of 46 °C.

Opposite the Cross Bath you will find the world-famous Thermae Bath Spa, Britain' s only natural thermal spa.

Unadorned by shop signs and capturing eighteenth century Bath perfectly, Bath Street lends itself well to filming, and has been used as a set for many films and television productions, including the 2006 adaptation of Jane Austen’s Persuasion.

So, when you are in Bath, don’t forget to stop by Bath Street for a photo opportunity!