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Read ‘An Unfolding Soul’ by Douglas Wescott


Enhance your experience of Britain’s finest Georgian city with the latest exceptional novel from bestselling Bath author Douglas Westcott, whose engaging prose brings the city’s rich history to life.

Douglas Westcott’s first novel Go Swift and Far sold an astonishing 10,000 copies in Bath alone, and the eagerly-awaited follow up is now available.

An Unfolding Soul continues Douglas Wescott’s sweeping coming-of-age saga, painting a shocking portrait of Bath, and shining a spotlight on little-known aspects of the city’s colourful past. Business, politics and history are interwoven in this page turning tale, with Westcott’s engaging prose filled with moments of cultural interest, humour, and, ultimately, hope.

The city of Bath is unique. Much of it was built during the reigns of four kings, all called George, over a period of only one hundred years. Its three thousand or so Georgian buildings form the heart of one of the most complete and beautiful cities in the world. But for how much longer?

As dawn broke at 6:43am on Wednesday, 2nd March 1966, Jason Jenkins gunned the engine on his crane and raised the forged-steel wrecking ball. He released the rope drum clutch and sent the ball, weighing over a thousand pounds, plunging down through the six ancient properties opposite the Guildhall.

Meanwhile, Ian Morris lies in a coma in Bath’s Royal United Hospital, mind and body shattered, with nothing remaining of his hard-earned fortune. Can Ian recover to re-build his property empire? Will he be part of the greed-driven destruction gripping historical Bath in the swinging sixties? Or will he soften his rapacious desire for profit, and recognise how to change his own destiny and restore the city’s fortunes?

Purchase your copy of both novels at several bookshops across Bath, and at the Bath Visitor Information Centre. An Unfolding Soul is also available in eBook format on the Kindle Store.