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Yak Yeti Yak


Yak Yeti Yak is a one-of-a-kind restaurant, family-run with an eclectic mix of artefacts and old memorabilia from their village. You will find a cushioned area where you can sit on the floor to eat your meal – very traditional and very popular. Don’t worry if you’d rather not, they also have conventional tables and chairs and a pretty courtyard garden when the weather allows.

Right from the start Yak Yeti Yak did things differently. Everyone advised against their upmarket teahouse-style home cooking, which had never been done outside Nepal before; this is advice the owners are glad they respectfully ignored!

Sourcing ingredients locally as far as possible, preferring to buy from small independent traders when they can, the key to Nepalese food is freshness so it makes sense to buy local. When it's not possible to buy locally, they import from Nepal, which involves having to travel to Nepal to source ingredients themselves, visiting tea gardens, coffee plantations and picking up unique Nepalese herbs and spices along the way.

Yak Yeti Yak specialise in home-style Nepalese food - sometimes traditional, sometimes contemporary, but always authentic.

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